AFROPUNK ARMY + OrganizeFor Partnership

This year, OrganizeFor and AFROPUNK ARMY are joining forces to expand the Opposition movement through the “Earn A Ticket - Digital Advocacy” program. Raise your social voice for justice!

Justice for Black communities has never been automatic: we speak up to demand it, and organize to attain it. It often starts with a small group of people who see injustice locally - police violence, racist media, discrimination by businesses, defunding of our schools - and feel they can no longer remain silent. And in every era, Black people have pioneered new ways to build the power we need to get the justice we deserve. Today, more people than ever are ready to step up, but they don’t always have the tools and experience to leverage technology effectively and win.

OrganizeFor is a petition platform and training resource powered by Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization - a go to place for the skills and tools you need to win for justice. We exist to help people in our communities effectively challenge the injustices affecting the people we care about - our family, neighbors, friends and allies.

OrganizeFor is partnering with AFROPUNK [AP] ARMY, the activist unit of the AFROPUNK GLOBAL INITIATIVE. This epic happening, described by the New York Times as “the most multicultural festival in the US,” joined forces with us to engage interested festival-goers and members of the Color Of Change community to volunteer their time, passion and talents to mobilize and organize for justice online in exchange for tickets to attend AFROPUNK.

Sign up here to use your voice on social media and secure your spot at AFROPUNK BROOKLYN 2017! Leverage your social networks to help generate awareness and support for people leading campaigns to win changes that matter and learn to lead your own. By participating and completing the OrganizeFor program you earn ONE GENERAL ADMISSION WEEKEND TICKET to attend AFROPUNK BROOKLYN on us!

This is a special opportunity with limited space! Sign up now to reserve your spot

STEP 1: Register and create a Fancorps account - click here!

STEP 2: As our OrganizeFor & AP ARMY brigade of digital soldiers, prepare to receive your “order(s)” for the day and/or week in your Fancorps account.

STEP 3: When you receive a notification of a new “order”, follow the instructions and fulfill the necessary requirements to earn points.

STEP 4: OrganizeFor & AP ARMY Digital Advocates who successfully accrue a total of 8000 points will receive their tickets to AFROPUNK Brooklyn 2017!


To learn more about our partnership, check out our toolkit for more info, including social messaging and talking points.

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